About Me

As far as I could remember, I listened to and picked up details from the world around me. I would focus on parts of movies and songs and figure out how they were created, picking them apart with my ears and mind. At age 11, I began experimenting with sound production and making my own music. I taught myself how to use FL Studio and experimented with each sound I recorded by manipulating, filtering, layering and pushing them to their limits to change them into a completely new sound. My love for the craft grew with my skills and knowledge and I have been working ever since.

I graduated college with an Associates in Audio engineering. Currently, I am the Head Sound Designer at Some Dude Productions overseeing and working on their films. I have had the pleasure of working on indie game dev teams during game jams contributing my skills to each, as well as working and collaborating with artists on producing, recording, and mixing music. I am also a self taught video editor and have worked with Youtubers such as Joey Delgado and Solo Wing Cypher on their videos. I have honed my editing skills with 3 years of freelance and in-office work.

When I’m not working on sound I am probably playing video games, cooking, making YouTube videos, or snuggling with my dog and two cats. I love to hang out with family and friends, making jokes, and making as many peoples’ days as bright as possible.